24 Hours Of Making – Conclusion

Day 4 – the final day of 24 hours of making. After two days of playing, manipulating and destroying with our object we created we was asked to incorporate and relate our objects to our bodies. We also had to get 6 images for each day, resulting in a total of 24 images and these had to be posted onto our Instagram profiles.



fullsizerender-33Here i destructed the lace and combined the cut offs to the wet paint. “destruct then combine”.

This is what i got after combining the body with the paint. I placed the paint this way as it looks like it could be molten metal dripping onto my hand. As it’s growing into my hand it has connotations that creativity is seeping and producing through it.

img_6866 I just love the swirls and how the light reflects off the wet paint.


Playing with compositions on the body with the lace and chocolate.


I like the link with the lace and hair, it has an interesting similar relationship between the materials.


A play on ‘steel toe cap’. It shows humour because of the paint on the steel mesh. Contrast between the stereotype of an artist and the stereotype of a workman/woman.


Instructions to distort it also meant that we could visually and technically play around with our objects. So i created collages and edited images to produce another product/image. Above is one of my favourite images from the 4 day session because of the composition and edit of the collage.


I found that duplication and mirroring is an effective way of manipulating images. I like to give my images an abstract look with i think i have done successfully with these edits.


This is originally an image of the tissue paper folds but i have edited it to create this abstract fluid shape which i really like. I changed it into black and white to emphasise the white curves and lines.


Combining nature and man made materials. Leaf, PVA, Tarmac.


This was the group task, we each had to collect 6 different items to then create 6 different objects. My group ended up with a farm theme.


Remind me of when i was little and used to put flowers into food colouring which then turned the petals into the colour of the food colouring.



I didn’t like this group task as much as it was a bit too random for my liking, we could have done with an actual goal for the end of the task. But we just ended up playing.


Overall i enjoyed this intensive 4 day course. It was good to get creative and i have learnt a different approach to creating new products.


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