24 Hours Of Making – Day 1

Day 1 of 24 hours of making – “Sunrise” (also valentines day)

This day started with everybody bringing in their favourites objects and items that they love. The theme for the whole day was love and everything nice and happy.

I brought in chocolate, lace, tissue paper and acrylic paint.



Here I coated the lace in chocolate. I like how delicate it looks and that it looks edible and that it could be used as a cake decoration.


fullsizerender-25 Here i weaved the lace through the tissue to combine them.


Trying to get an abstract imprint of the lace with the paint. I like the contrast.


I mixed and painted onto some cellophane – so that I can see through the work and the paint from behind. I also used the lace to create imprints into the paint, which also acted as a glue for the lace to stick.



I created folds into the tissue paper to create soft visuals. These folds also acted as a view finder.

The comments i received from my work was that i have a reoccurring theme which are transparent materials. Which was useful to me as i didn’t realise this – so now i can continue to pick these relevant materials to create a continual collection.


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