Drawing Masterclass

For this drawing and experimenting masterclass we were asked to bring in several cans of pop. We was given tasks involving these boring objects to then transfer these methods of experiments within our own work.

We had to draw the cans with 1cm squared view finders to focus on certain areas of the cans, draw the positives and negatives of the cans, movements that the can goes through, typography and using different techniques and mediums to draw with.






Below are images of my favourite works from the classes, these are physical movements of the can from when i attached a paint brush to the can – loaded with black acrylic paint. I love how abstract and minimal they are.


This is a painting from the pouring movement.


‘Opening the Can’


‘Taking a Drink’


‘Shaking the Can’


‘Shaking the Can pt2’



I made this by using one long continuous piece of string, this was a new technique to me which i enjoyed. It makes you think in advance of the lines you are trying to translate onto the page.


This one I like because of the style and illustration vibes i get from it. So instead of using string I just used a black pen and didn’t take it off the page until I had to. This technique loosens your inner perfectionism, its ok not to be perfect!


Focusing of negative space is a real challenge for me, It’s hard to get my head around it and to keep that focus on the negative space.


I do like the outcome and contrast of this, i cut away the light and negative space to create contrast of the can.


‘Crumpled Charcoal Can’


Overall i enjoyed this intensive masterclass as it was fast paced with quick outcomes. These techniques are a good way to create new ideas within my own projects.



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