Goldsmiths Updated


I ended my previous post about this competition on the idea that I was going to incorporate schnauzers groomed cut and my dogs direction of fur.

From this I started to make 3D versions of the wave of fur. I used plaster of paris to carve from so I would mix the plaster together then would leave it to set into a blob type shape. I used brass tools to carve into the plaster to try to get the texture of the fur.

After a few attempts of using the plaster I discovered that actually moulding the plaster whilst it was still wet was alot easier and gave better results to what I was after.

FullSizeRender (55).jpg

Once I had mastered the plaster moulding I then made the model to scale to how I wanted the medal to be physically. It is about the size of a beer mat and 1ocm in depth. I painted the plaster with watercolour to represent a bronze casting which would be what the final piece/medal would look like.


I wanted to send this sample off by including it into my presentation board however the model was to deep in size and was not developed enough. So from using this research from the plaster models I moved onto working with wax.


Here I cut out a square piece of paper to the size I want my medal to be and then used melted wax to brush onto the paper to create layers of thickness. I tried to apply the wax to form the peak of the fur.

When I was doing original research for this project I recorded my dogs reaction and response to when i said “walkies” I saved this recording and took note of the sound wave. I transferred the sound wave onto paper to make it visual. This sound wave is going to be the back of the medal.

To pull the medal together I decided to include an imprint of his lead around the edges of the medal. This gives another texture and emotion to the medal.


This is mid process of wax making. The paper wax wasn’t the same thickness as the back of the medal so to make it even I added the same thickness of wax as the other side.


This is my  final presentation board which was sent off to the competition. I included all 3 wax samples in my board to show the actual size and texture that I wanted to include into my medal.



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