New Year New Project

First day back at uni as a second year studying Jewellery and Metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University.

I was quite apprehensive about starting second year and the projects I will have to undertake, as first year at university wasn’t what I was expecting. As of the title of my course I thought I would have at least the basic skills and understanding of a budding silversmith or goldsmith however I think the university had different plans for us.
So the first project my class gets given is called “6 Cakes”. (you may be thinking what on earth this has to do with jewellery…yep so did we…) Anyway the class is divided into 6 groups/cakes, French, Middle Eastern, Chinese, English, Polish and Indian. I was allocated to the French group. The class was then asked to research their cake and to then design and create a tool which can be associated with the cake you had been researching.

My group and I arranged to meet up the following day at the French cake shop Patisserie Valerie. We ordered the ‘afternoon tea’ which consisted of cakes, sandwiches and tea. After trying French desserts, eclairs, mousses and fondants we decided on the macaroon to be our main focus. We discussed and quickly sketched our ideas to what we could make to enhance the experience of eating a macaroon. As a group we agreed that the macaroon was really sweet and we didn’t exactly enjoy the taste. So our initial thought was to make something to destroy the macaroon with (drastic but effective), however we would create some sort of story beforehand to then get to the destroying bit.

I personally discovered that whilst tasting all of these French cakes and desserts that my fingers became really sticky and gooey so my initial thought was to create a cover or a case to put on my fingers to protect them (think of cutlery casings for fingers…gloves would be easier but hey this is a degree after all).

In the next week I am going to attempt to make these finger cases by melting wax over my fingers to then cast them using the lost wax casting method. Let’s see how this goes…Fingers crossed!


 #food #university #cake 


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